Frank is a cinematographer and owner of Frank Ahn Films.
He has been in this wedding industry in NYC over a decade as a professional cinematographer.
At the beginning, Frank was a photographer for years but always eager to be a videographer as many of his clients failed to get great films of their weddings as his photos.
He thought he could do something better than others and started to shoot the weddings with both photography and cinematography.
As he was digging into find the most beautiful shots for every wedding, Frank Ahn films became one of the famous professional cinematography companies in NYC.
Frank and his team are not only have great equipments and techniques but also have a passion and great team works to provide best quality of film to capture every single moment of your special day.
He always thinks their clients and his crews as a family and friends, and loves his job to be a part of others’ one of the most special day all the time.

“Photography can not make you cry but you will be moved to tears by my film and relive your day forever..!”
– Frank Ahn


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